Corporate Responsibility for Telecom and IT Companies

  • WE Egypt CSR

    • “WE has launched “Ghayrha initiative” under the slogan “Em3l 5ier We 2rmih 3l net” through a competition announced on the company’s web site. The aim of this competition is to provide positive encouragement to internet users and help them apply creative, constructive ideas on how to develop the community by transforming them into real projects on the ground”. On the other hand, (We) also established the “Telecom Egypt Academy”, which aims to provide students in technical and industrial institutes with professional technical trainings to develop their skills and provide them with the experience and qualifications needed by the labor market”.

      - For more information, please check the link:
      Ghayrha Initiative Telecom Egypt Academy

  • Microsoft Egypt:

    • Microsoft Egypt launched “Masr Ta3mal initiative” that provides career guidance, skills assessments and hundreds of online courses to build the youth’s capacity and match them with the available jobs. Employers can also create their profile to post their openings and view thousands of professional profiles and CVs to headhunt their future staff. Masr Ta3mal – build your future.

      -For more information, please check the link:
      Masr ta3mal Egypt business directory

  • Orange:

    • Orange initiated the Youth Foundation to support youth education and development, open career opportunities & equip youth with the required business skills that empower them for promising career paths. It seeks to empower youth through education. These efforts took multiple forms such as: funding scholarships, research and development support, sponsoring business awareness events, and providing education excellence awards.

      - For more information, please check the links:
      Youth Foundation Activities