The role of ICT in Empowering Females

  • ILO/UNCTAD Project of "Women Entrepreneurship": Voices from Africa

  • The project of Women's Entrepreneurship is a part of ILO/UNCTAD Project, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)". The project aims at combining research and analysis, setting trainings and workshops, applying knowledge management and awareness-raising to in order to improve the policy environment for women's entrepreneurship development (WED) and ICTs. Additionally, it tries to integrate the ICT dimension into the ILO's Methodology Guide for assessing the environment for Women's Entrepreneurship Development (WED).
    The video is viewing the different perspectives of some female entrepreneurs and the role of ICT in their success stories in different venues: media, business management, customer relation and accessing foreigner markets.

  • WISE network in USA scan the future of leadership in ICT

  • WISE (Women in ICT Sharing Experiences) is a network dedicated to the advancement, development and empowerment of professional and talented women in ICT in Florida state university. WISE is working in providing women with technological program opportunities for professional growth as well as networking & leadership through partnerships with professional women in local technology community. This is applied by linking current College of Information female students with local female business professionals in order to increase the number of women with major in IT/ICT, and to graduate them into professions once enrolled.
    In this regards, the video is introducing three feminine leaders' visions about the way to activate the leadership in ICT. They stressed on the importance of creativity & innovation, being a (coach) instead of a (leader) and to be aware about the people drivers to be capable to fulfill them. Furthermore, they specify the attribute of designing visions and strategies and integrating more females in the field of ICT.

  • video iSTEP (innovative Student Technology Experience) program and empowering women in Pennsylvania

  • iSTEP (innovative Student Technology Experience) is a unique partnership program that provides Carnegie Mellon University students in Pennsylvania, USA. The program aims to conduct technology research projects in developing communities. iSTEP vision revolves around: shaping incredible students- especially female students- that will contribute in shaping incredible things; encouraging young girls and women to thinks that "it is possible" and helping them to realize their real capabilities.
    In this regard, the video show case five women (rolling models in the ICT field) to speak about their experience on how iSTEP (innovative Student Technology Experience) program contributed to their success. They pointed that the project explored their knowledge in business and management as well as computer science, as well as it motivated women to figure out and enter different areas and finally, it took the women out from the stereo types which they were stuck in
    Evident showed that iSTEP helped in providing females with experiences and assisted them in figuring solutions that could empower the community. It also provided the students with capabilities to work in multi and global teams.

  • UN ITU Supports African Digital Woman Award

  • The former Secretary General of the United Nations International Telecoms Union (ITU), Dr. Hamadoun Touré gives an inspiring message in support of women in ICT. Mr. Touré praised the African Digital Woman of the Year Award.
    The award was first launched in in Yaoundé, Cameroun in 2013 under the patronage of ITU and the European commission, and the first African Digital Woman of the Year was announced on 16 November 2013 as part of African ICT Days. The award is being sponsored by many organizations among is the European center for women and technology, The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS), Institute African d’ infomatique.

  • Olam Communication services initiative in Ghana

  • The video illustrates a special initiative that had been implemented in Ghana back in 2013 under the management of “Olam Communication Services” in Ghana. The initiative aims at developing the skills of its beneficiaries specially the unprivileged communities. The initiative provided youth ICT training for 150 youth with a majority of young girls and school drop-outs.
    The trainees are being supported in activities like soup making, dress making, floral decorations as well as basic financial management. The program lasts for a year.

  • The Australian Computer Society presents Women in ICT - Naomi Henn

  • The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is an association for information and communications technology professionals with over 22,000 members Australia-wide.
    According to its Constitution, it aims "to advance professional excellence in information technology" and "to promote the development of Australian information and communications technology resources".
    Naomi Henn the woman displayed in the video was one of whom had benefited from the Australian Computer Society (ACS). She is the founder of iConnect and Zappq. She is a second year undergraduate dual scholarship recipient for business and elite sport. Naomi now co-manage a team of over 35 people.

  • Nubian House of Kilims

  • One of the projects of the ICT Trust Fund’s Projects is “The Nubian Integrated Technological Development Project”.
    The Nubian Integrated Technological Development Project helps Nubian women work through the “Nubian House of Kilims”. Through the Nubian house of kilims, trainers help the Nubian women enhance their work though introducing new designs and new accessories. Products are marketed and traded over the internet to the whole world .