Current Initiatives

Community development portals by Egypt ICT Trust Fund

Kenanaonline includes many different portals. Byotna portal is the one related to women.

  1- Byotna portal:

  • The portal is an arena that provides various articles, forums and e-services that cater to the needs, concerns, and questions of the Arab families. The main tackled topics by this portal are: health, nutrition, home, furnishings & Decoration, motherhood, childcare, elegance, beauty, cooking, sports …etc. The content of the portal is greatly dependent on the contribution of the users, experts, and professionals.
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Mobile IT Clubs (MITC) by Egypt ICT Trust Fund

The MITC is a self-contained mobile multimedia cyber learning station complete with curriculum, and software, ICT peripherals, audio-visual aids, a smart driver and two instructors and the chief facilitator. It is designed to bring ICT to the doorsteps of the information-poor and the undeserved communities in Egypt.
The value of the MITC project is in its availability of ICT to surrounding communities specially the sub-urban and rural ones. This project was developed to promote computer literacy, and Internet accessibility through introducing a set of ICT free services including ICT awareness, internet connectivity, and basic IT skills training courses. For more information

Women “Health” units by Egypt ICT Trust Fund

In health sector, the ICT Trust Fund in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, constructed another “Mobile IT Clubs” called "Women's Mobile Health Unit (WMHU)" to promote a national campaign for early detection of breast cancer.
The program is providing women with different health services for women including; caner early detection, mammography scans, and spread awareness on breast cancer prevention. for the early discovery of breast cancer. The Units also introduce services such blood pressure and blood sugar levels measuring. The WMHU staff transmits breast scans to specialized physicians who review the scans and report back with recommended treatment or any medical advice is passed on. For more information

Training and Rehabilitating People with Disabilities (PwDs) for Better Job Opportunities:

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technologyhas launched an initiative to train and economically empower people with special needs in order to increase their potentials to acquire better jobs. In this regards, MCIT has launched two essential projects to empower people with special needs in the technological field:
  • A training initiative that helps improve the opportunity to gain better jobs by providing specialized training that targets to fulfill the labor market requirements. The training focuses mainly on providing people with special needs with the administrative, data entry and Tele-marketing skills. This initiative succeeded in qualifying about 2010 person and enrolling them in the labor market.

  • An initiative for qualifying the people with special needs to be granted the International Computer Driving License (ICDL). It aims to develop their skills in using computers and help them open new channels for connections. This initiative has succeeded in qualifying about 129 persons out of 317 persons, who joined this program. For more information