National and Regional News

7 March 2019Alternate Text  Egypt:On the occasion of International Women's Day & under the patronage of Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology in collaboration with Google International launched the "Digital Skills in Arabic" training program, developed by Google to bridge the growing gap between the workforce and skills required in the market.
29 November 2018Alternate Text  Jordan: “Entaj” Association launches “SHETECHS” for increasing women’s participation in the ICT sector
26 November 2018Alternate Text  Beirut: ITU Regional Conference on ICT for Women in the Arab Region: ICT 4 Women's Empowerment, Beirut-Lebanon, 26-27 November 2018
28 October 2018Alternate Text  Jordan: Female participation in the ICT sector has reached 29%
9 October 2018Alternate Text  Saudi Arabia: Women In ICT Summit 2018
27 September 2018Alternate Text  Egypt: MCIT participates in Women Inclusion Day proceedings
28 August 2018Alternate Text  TRA is celebrating the Emirati woman in “her” day
13 August 2018Alternate Text  Egypt: Sherine Al Gendy; the new Egyptian consultant to the Minister of ICT
3 May 2018Alternate Text  Microsoft co-op with Egyptian ministries, NGOs to train 1,500 women
30 April 2018Alternate Text  Egypt: Microsoft, in cooperation with Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and Ministry of Youth and Sports, launches a training campaign for training 1500 women
16 April 2018Alternate Text  Google launches digital skills training for Arabic speakers…Maharat min Google will focus specifically on women and young people
4 January 2018Alternate Text  Information and Communication Technology: main driver of growth in 2018
19 November 2017Alternate Text  Riyadh: For the first time, the Ministry of Justice opens up vacancies for women in 6 technological fields
28 October 2017Alternate Text  Launch of the "Businesswomen" conference in Alexandria with international and Arab participation
27 August 2017Alternate Text  UAE: Telecom company “Nedaa” praises the role of female employees in coping with and applying ICT solutions
4 July 2017Alternate Text  Egypt: AASTMT Participation In “Egypt Can (Taa Marbouta)” Conference
23 May 2017Alternate Text  Egypt: Member of Parliament “Marian Azer” gives a speech about women and technology during the Middle East
18 May 2017Alternate Text  Amman: SIGI calls for women’s integration in ICT sector on World Information Society Day
3 May 2017Alternate Text  Africa: ECA decries low number of women in ICT
28 April 2017Alternate Text  Khartoom: Minister of Communication: 60% of leaders in public sector are female
23 April 2017Alternate Text  Saudi Arabia: The new Minister of Communication believes in youths and empowering women
30 March 2017Alternate Text  Egypt: The National Council for Women asks for the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology support for
23 February 2017Alternate Text   Kenya: Young women breaking into the male-dominated ICT world
2 February 2017Alternate Text   Palestine: Birzeit University and the Ministry of Communication, collaboratively launch a conference about women
9 March 2017Alternate Text  MENA: Ericsson is a model for the success of the woman in the IT field
9 March 2017Alternate Text  UAE: “Nedaa”, the IT specialized company, celebrates the International Woman Day
9 March 2017Alternate Text  Algeria: Ministry of Communication celebrates the Algerian woman in the “Prominent Women” event.
30 January 2017Alternate Text  Female Entrepreneurship in the Middle East
20 December 2016Alternate Text  ITU launches Network of Women for World Radiocommunication Conference 2019
2 November 2016Alternate Text  UNESCO Trains Young Women Leaders in Burkina Faso in Mobile App Development
17 October 2016Alternate Text  Outstanding role for the Omani woman in the Ministry of Communication
20 September 2016Alternate Text  The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology launches an electronic portal for reinforcing the role of woman in the ICT sector
11 September 2016Alternate Text  Lebanon: Knowledge economy contributes in empowering the Lebanese women
30 August 2016Alternate Text  MCIT exempts the National Council for Women from the annual subscription fees for the complaints line
29 August 2016Alternate Text  UAE: Telecommunications Regulatory Authority celebrates Emirati Women’s Day 2016
27 July 2016Alternate Text  UAE: Women Union signs MoU with the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
15 July 2016Alternate Text  Suzan Fahmy, Deputy to the Minister of Justice for Woman and Child Affairs: ”We are drafting a new legislation for protecting children from the Internet misuse, as well as a legislation related to the violence and discrimination against women”
4 July 2016Alternate Text  Jordan: Launching “Innovative Woman” contest in environment, health and technology
26 May 2016Alternate Text  The United Arab Emirates embraces the first conference dedicated to encouraging women to work in the field of technology
11 May 2016Alternate Text  UAE: Cisco’s Girl Power Tech initiative to encourage ICT careers among women
28 April 2016Alternate Text  Sudan celebrates the Global Girls in ICT Day
24 April 2016Alternate Text  Qatari ICT Minister speeches for the International Woman Day 2016 in Abu Dhabi
30 March 2016Alternate Text  Sustainable Development in Remote Areas Conference ‘Technologically Empowered Communities – Nuba”
18 March 2016Alternate Text  Morocco: Nurseries in the place of work and its impact on the performance of the female employee: Ministry of Communication as a role model
12 March 2016Alternate Text  Bahrain: Technology and Business Association announces formulating a committee for supporting woman in ICT sector
10 March 2016Alternate Text  Saudi Arabia: Hiring the Saudi woman in IT stores
17 February 2016Alternate Text  Microsoft launches Social Development and Entrepreneurship Centre to empower talented girls to achieve more through ICTs
23 January 2016Alternate Text  Suzy Nashed, a member of Parliament, calls for introducing new committees for woman, child and ICTs
2 January 2016Alternate Text  Marian Ruffael, a nominated member of the Egyptian Parliament: My task is to develop legislations to deter electronic crimes
18 November 2015 Alternate Text  TIEC Partakes in ICT-Related World of A Woman Conference
16 June 2015 Alternate Text  Cairo University launches a capacity building program dedicated for women with special needs to include them in the labor market
14 June 2015 Alternate Text  Cooperation between the Arab Women Organization and Arab Information and Communication Technologies Organization
7 May 2015 Alternate Text  Mobinil, in cooperation with the National Council for Women in Alexandria, encourages girls to work with ICTs
22 April 2015 Alternate Text  New e-Learning Africa program to support women in ICT
25 March 2015 Alternate Text  The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood discusses the topic of family and raising up children in the context of ICTs
22 March 2015 Alternate Text  The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood: Legislations for protecting childhood from physical and electronic violence are highly needed
21 December 2014 Alternate Text  The kick off meeting of the "Jobs and skills for the disabled through ICT based solutions" project
15 December 2014 Alternate Text  Cairo University organizes a conference on the role of Information Technology in supporting children and disabled women
9 November 2014 Alternate Text  Female professors from Cairo University win the Arab Woman Award in Science and Technology