International News

24 February 2017Alternate Text  KZN, Inclusive Women In ICT Global Research Institute, celebrates Women’s Week
27 January 2017Alternate Text  Azerbijan: “AWITA 2017”: the most talented and prominent female ICT professionals in Azerbaijan awarded
10 January 2017Alternate Text  Microsoft GirlSpark Camp unites partners in bid to boost female participation in ICT industry
2 November 2016Alternate Text  UNESCO Trains Young Women Leaders in Burkina Faso in Mobile App Development
19 October 2016Alternate Text  WITSA Elects New Leadership for the 2016-18 Term, First Woman to Chair Global ICT Organization
17 October 2016Alternate Text  Finalists announced for the 2016 GEM-TECH Awards
ITU and UN Women select outstanding projects to empower women and girls through innovative technologies
8 September 2016Alternate Text  One World News:Focus on female digital literacy
2 September 2016Alternate Text  Baltimore:This 14-year-old girl is a hackathon award–winning, mobile game dev
28 August 2016Alternate Text  SWAG – A technology industry recruiter:When tech firms judge on skills alone, women land more job interviews
24 August 2016Alternate Text  The Huffington Post:Computers Are For Girls, Too
22 August 2016Alternate Text  ITU Blog: Olympic Games Rio 2016: ICTs, a key element for success
19 August 2016Alternate Text  South Africa: Women in ICT to be honored: MTN SA honors outstanding women in the ICT industry with new awards.
4 July 2016Alternate Text  Mali: A startup weekend to boost women’s entrepreneurship in ICT
29 June 2016Alternate Text  ICT News: Interview with Annemie Depuydt, ICT Woman of the Year 2016 “A CIO can never sit back and do nothing”
9 June 2016Alternate Text  Asia: UN-APCICT launches Women and ICT Frontier Initiative to promote women’s entrepreneurship
1 May 2016Alternate Text  Rwanda: First Lady inspires girls in ICT as Ms Geek 2016 shines
28 April 2016Alternate Text  Jamaica: Technology minister wants more women in ICT
28 April 2016Alternate Text  World Economic Forum: Where are the women in tech? 3 charts that reveal gender gap
19 March 2016Alternate Text  Saint Lucia: Women Get ICT Training
8 March 2016Alternate Text  London- ITPS: Solving the issue of too few women in ICT
4 February 2016Alternate Text  Belgium-Ormit: UrsulaL-J Dongmo became Young ICT Lady of the year
11 January 2016Alternate Text  Microsoft: Microsoft GirlSpark Camp tackles local and global shortage in ICT talent by inspiring female university students
15 December 2015Alternate Text  ITU: Partners launch action plan to close digital gender gap
28 October 2015Alternate Text  World Bank: Kosovo works with the World Bank on an ICT perspective for young women in rural areas
5 August 2015 Alternate Text  ICT Works: Missed Opportunities in using Tech to fight violence against women
11 May 2015Alternate Text  Botswana Daily News: Number of women in ICT grows
10 May 2015 Alternate Text  Bangladesh's ICT Industry: A Boon for Women’s Employment
24 January 2015 Alternate Text  Dot Misr: One third of Ericsson's employees are expected to be women by 2020