• Coping with the International and regional organizations in their tendency to add the "Gender" dimension to the measurements, programs and initiatives they adopt.
  • Analyzing women's ICT usage in the household sector, private sector and other sectors in the society.
  • Analyzing the male/ female ICT usage gaps, which helps in knowing the barriers females are facing and provides decision makers with the necessary information; so as to overcome these barriers and improve women's situation in both learning and careers.
  • Providing capacity building and job opportunities for females in the field of ICT.
  • Providing a comprehensive review for "ICT and Women" related publications and for the efforts exerted by international organizations and by national initiatives.


Support females and empower them to use ICT in all aspects of life benefiting from their abilities or to join the field of ICT and help them to overcome the challenges they are facing.


The “ICT for Women” portal is meant to be a one-stop shop for girls and women interested in the ICT field; seeking to learn or to join a career opportunity. The portal includes ICT training courses and job opportunities. It also displays the latest ICT female statistics in Egypt, national initiatives directed to females and ICT and female success stories in the field of ICT. It also includes a wide review of ICT and women related publications, as well as international organizations contributions in this field. The portal will provide women with e-learning courses in cooperation with the E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC), Egypt’s leading organization in e-Learning.