Success Stories


Mai Medhat

  • Mai is a proof that Egypt has young and talented entrepreneurs who are eager to etch their names in the history. Mai is passionate about technology, startups, building products.
  • She started Eventtus back in 2011 with Nihal Fares, Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder at Eventtus to develop an instant social network platform for events, aiming to mobilizing events and maximizing networking opportunities for attendees. By providing a single app for all the events, that will keep attendees informed with agenda, speakers and live announcements as well as increasing interactions and social buzz around events.
  • In Silicon Valley, Mai Medhat, CEO of Eventtus joined a panel discussion on stage at the Global Entreprenership Summit. The panel is moderated by Barack Obama, and the panelists are Mai, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, and two entrepreneurs from Tanzania and Peru.
  • “It turns out that starting your own business is not that easy. That it can be especially difficult for women and young people and minorities,” Obama said. “You deserve the same chance to succeed as everybody else.”

Nihal Fares

  • Nihal Fares was already an entrepreneur in Egypt before participating in the 2013 TechWomen program, she said her TechWomen experience taught her to become a better leader for her company and changemaker in her community by giving her a “great opportunity to connect with successful women and learn about entrepreneurship in the biggest startup hub in the world.”
  • Recognizing the immense talent in Egypt, Nihal helped launch Eventtus, a social platform which enables users to identify events and opportunities to network with like-minded people who can help them achieve their goals.
  • Eventtus was met with great enthusiasm in Egypt and had begun to establish a strong presence in the region, but Nihal wanted the platform to reach even more people. She sought to gain a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of not only starting and managing a company, but expanding it on a global scale. Her TechWomen mentorship helped her to do just that. Placed at the headquarters of Google, Inc. in Mountain View, CA, Nihal had the opportunity to explore various aspects of one of the largest—and what she called the most innovative—technology companies in the world from the inside out.


  • One of the most inspiring stories that is supported by the ICT Trust Fund that shows the great impact in making paradigm shift to girls’s lives is “Manar, Sara and Marwa” from Cairo governorate. These three girls started their project for style accessories and fashion wears. However, they were searching for an outlet to show off their products and Facebook appeared as their best choice at that time.
  • When the girls took the course, they discovered that they needed further information about commercial and analytical skills of the market’s needs. As a result, they were acknowledged of the fully-equipped portal which allowed them to access to e-business world.
    The ICT4SMEs was a window of opportunity to the girls by which they focused on e-marketing for the ‘Hidjab’ or headscarf. Today, Manar, Sara and Marwa are selling their product across Egypt and the rest of the Arab countries. ....For more information


  • A talented illiteracy eradication teacher.
  • This is a story that revolves around a girl called Asmaa Mohamed Youssif who lives in Abu Shrouf village; 30 kilometers away from Siwa. This village is very small and poor. Around 850 people live there. Most children especially girls, from the age of 16, are prevented from going to schools as vocational, commercial and general high schools are located in Siwa and traditions prohibits girls from going to places outside the village. In the morning, Abu Shrouf’s people are isolated from the outside world; they don’t watch T.V or listen to radios, not because they are working, but because electricity only works at night.
    Surrounded by these unfortunate circumstances, Asmaa strived towards changing her future. Despite the fact that she grew up in a large family (24 members) that is very strict towards traditions, she insisted on completing her education in Siwa. In the beginning, her parents were against that but the strength of her deliberation eventually made them give in. In Siwa, she joined the commercial high school. She used to travel around 60 kilometers every day until she graduated and had her diploma. But that was not enough to satisfy her ambition, she wanted to gain more skills and knowledge, so, she took computer classes at Siwa Association for Community Development and Environmental Protection. There she learnt everything about computers and was offered a job supported by the ICT Trust fund as illiteracy eradication teacher to educate others in her village. By this, she was able to meet her needs as well as that of her family.
    However, she looked at her job not as source of money but as a way to better women’s status. In her attempt to do so, she raised women’s awareness on the importance of education. As a result, large number of the village female inhabitants joined the illiteracy eradication classes. After teaching many classes, she found that teaching women how to read and write is not enough if there are no employment opportunities available for them. After thorough thinking, she came up with ideas on how to empower those women and enrich her poor village; one of these ideas was to establish a center for traditional handicrafts. She communicated this idea to her managers who adapted her initiative and helped seek funds for such center. Right now, most women in her village work at this center, and consequently, the village became richer. ....For more information:

Mai Abdel Asim

  • Founder of What Women Want magazine.
  • After shuffling different positions across the marketing and telecommunications world, Abdel Asim embarked on an entrepreneurial journey in 2006, when she founded What Women Want… magazine and her boutique creative agency Media & More. Bold, irreverent and profoundly powerful, the magazine breaks gender stereotypes and addresses issues that cut across all aspects of the female life, from fashion to sexual harassment, to the trials and tribulations of the differently abled. With reputable clients in different business, her agency masters online marketing, content creation and viral video production since 2009. In 2010, she launch Egypt’s first travel magazine, The Travel Mag.

Sara Hegazy

  • Fashion designer.
  • You wouldn’t see her across fancy runways and the Middle East’s leading fashion shows; Hegazy was an established engineer designing gowns for her friends in her free time, until a competition for Maybelline New York proved her she had a talent unmatched. A self-taught designer who studied through online courses and designed her own business plan, Hegazy specialised in custom fitted couture designed, engineered and embroidered styles which she went on to study at London College of Fashion. A TEDx speaker and the creative director behind her international brand, she was the first Egyptian couture brand to showcase at the London Fashion Week catwalk in 2013. Her Cleopatra collection, featuring crystals from Asfour, was featured at the Tiffany Fashion Show which ran in parallel to Paris Fashion Week 2014.

Yasmine El-Mehairy

  • Founder of Supermama.
  • Yasmine is not a mother, yet she masters the parenting business on her online platform, a company that ranks as the 5th most successful startup in Egypt. A passionate entrepreneur with several international startup competitions under her belt, El-Mehairy turned an idea –providing reliable Arabic-language content for mothers and women across the Middle East— into a business valued US 3.5 million. Today, her portal is followed by 2.2 million women across the Arab world, has its own YouTube channel, and is planning to launch its own app in the near future. “There were days where we just wanted to hide into a corner and cry, but we never gave up. It was working until we made something great or died trying,” she said last week in an interview with CairoScene.

Nehmedo Mansour

  • One of the participants in the training “Freelanceme” for the rehabilitation of young people in the field of entrepreneurship and specifically for the collection of information and market research. Training was carried out in Banha - Qena - Sohag .
  • After attending the training, she decided to start her company for marketing research (MRC - Market Research Company)...This was part of the activities of “ Masr Ta3mal Youth Clubs Closing 2016”.


Kristi Ross

  • Kristi Ross is an entrepreneur in Chicago.
  • She is co-CEO and President of dough, Inc., a financial media and education company.
  • Ross has held her position since 2011, and was named an Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and Crain's Chicago's Tech 50 list in 2014.

Roya Mahboob

  • the Founder and Executive Director of Digital Citizen Fund.
  • She was recognized in 2013 by Time as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World for her work in Afghanistan. Since then, she has received broad recognition and growing support for the Digital Citizens Fund. In 2014 she was honored by the Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards as a Civic Innovator. In 2015, she was named as a young leader by the World Economics forum.
  • Roya is also sits on the advisory board of the Global Thinkers Forum.

Anne Bouverot

  • Anne Bouverot is Director General of the GSMA and a Member of its Board.
  • Anne brings to the GSMA a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success in the highly dynamic mobile industry. With a deep understanding of the opportunities and the challenges facing mobile operators today, she leads the GSMA as the essential industry partner for its operator members around the world, enabling their continued success through driving innovation, providing thought leadership and advocating for the industry.
  • Before joining the GSMA, Anne was Executive Vice President for Mobile Services for France Telecom Orange, where she defined the strategic transformation programmes for a business serving more than 120 million customers and revenues of more than 14 billion euros at the time.
  • Prior to France Telecom Orange, Anne led a 600-person business unit of Equant and was responsible for developing IT services for Equant’s multinational business customers. She began her career in telecommunications as project manager for Telmex in Mexico in 1991.
  • Anne holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics and computer science from the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris and an M.S. degree from Telecom Paris. Anne was appointed as a member of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development in 2013. She also serves as a non-executive director of Capgemini, a leading global provider of consulting, technology and outsourcing services, and as a non-executive director of Edenred, the world leader of prepaid corporate services.

Asmaa Abo Telkh

  • Web developer in “WebCom” Company– Palestine.
  • She graduated from the software development department of the faculty of Information Technology at the Islamic University, 2010.
  • Founded and now operates the website “I am an Arab” who provides pictorial and readable stories to children in the Arab world both online and on mobile.
  • Now works as a developer and systems analyst in WebCom company.
  • She has many writings of short stories and scenarios.
  • She has got many awards.

Mariam Hassan Abo Eteiwy

  • Founder and Executive Director – Wasalny Company – Palestine.
  • She got a bachelor's degree from the software development department in the faculty of Information Technology at the Islamic University in 2012.
  • Worked in “Golden Tech.” company, also she worked as a Freelancer Programmer. Now she is the founder and executive director – Wasalny Company.
  • Considered one of the 100 most powerful Arab woman.
  • One of the 100 most influential Arab personalities under the age of forty as classified by Urban Business Magazine for 2015.

Maria Teresa Camba

  • Director for Operations Foundation- Philippines
  • MARIA TERESA M. CAMBA is Director for Operations of Foundation. She also leads the global Telecentre Women Digital Literacy Campaign, a joint initiative of the Foundation and the International Telecommunication Union.
  • She played a major role in the organization of the Philippine Community eCenter Network and in the development, management and implementation of the Philippine CeC program.
  • She also led the Philippine team in the successful transition of, as a program of the International Development Research Center in Canada to its current host country- the Philippines.